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I have an insurance complaint!
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Insurance Complaint against: Erie Insurance Group
Policy type: Business Insurance

July 20, 2020

Erie Insurance Group is a bunch of criminals and I pray to Almighty God that there be a specially designated place in the pit of Hell where these people will burn for eternity! I need to vent. I have no hope in this life of redemption or recompense or retribution as much as I want to do something vi...

Insurance Complaint against: Hartford
Policy type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

July 13, 2020

I sent the following complaint to The Hartford and have not received a response. Letter of complaint DATE: 7/3/2020 The Hartford 690 Asylum Avenue Hartford, CT 06155 Dear Complaint Manager I am sending this letter to you as a formal complaint regarding my Auto Claim. ...

Insurance Complaint against: Progressive
Policy type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

November 09, 2019

On a November 6 2019 I was passing a stop sign on 51st Winchester and a man on a bicycle comes out of nowhere from a alley speeding without stopping i even quickly moved to the other land to keep from hitting him and he still hit my car in the passenger side and center my door and side panel. I call...

Insurance Complaint against: GEICO
Policy type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

July 26, 2019

So the title says car insurance scam.. I couldn't think of a better way to explain. SO Let me go into detail. On May 3rd 2019 I was involved in a head on collision with a moron talking on his phone. He drove into my lane and almost killed me. Long story short, he was charged his garbage, incompetent...

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