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Liberty Mutual Insurance customers beware!
by Bob D'Amore

It has come to our attention that many, if not all, Liberty Mutual homeowner policies have a new endorsement that seriously limits your recovery for personal property. This endorsement supersedes any other language in the policy, even the “deluxe” policy. It limits potential recovery to a maximum of $2,500 for loss to all the following categories of property: “14. $2500 in the aggregate for loss of any of the following whether or not they are part of a collection: trading cards, comic books, figurines, stamps, advertising materials, stuffed animals, dolls, sports and entertainment memorabilia, toys, games, militaria, and books” This means the limit applies to any combination of loss to these categories of property. To our knowledge no other company has such restrictive coverage in their homeowner policies. Most families have much more at stake for these categories of property. We recommend that you examine your COMPLETE policy for this endorsement or if you only have the declarations page, look for “Ammendatory Endorsement FMHO2810″. We highly recommend changing insurance companies if you find this endorsement applies to your policy. Note that you can change companies even in the middle of a policy period and receive a pro-rata refund for the unused time period of your current policy.

Bob D'Amore is President of D'Amore Adjusters in Mohegane Lake, NY. Besides public adjusting, Bob serves as a consultant, an appraiser or umpire in insurance disputes and as an expert in building and contents damage for attorneys, often testifying in court cases on behalf of clients.