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Underwriting - Premium Too High
Underwriting - Refusal to Insure
Underwriting - Cancellation
Underwriting - Nonreneweal
Underwriting - Forced Placement
Underwriting - Unfair Surcharge
PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
PolicyHolder Service - Payment Not Credited
PolicyHolder Service - Denied Access to Services
PolicyHolder Service - Abusive Service
PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement
PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays
Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
Claim Handling - Fraud
Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations
Marketing & Sales - Misleading Advertising
Marketing & Sales - Misrepresentation
Marketing & Sales - High Pressure Tactics
General - I feel abused by this company

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