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About InsuranceComplaint.com

Following the principle of "strength in numbers" InsuranceComplaint.com adds credence to the saying "you are not alone". The insurance companies have seemingly unlimited recources at their disposal and this puts the individual policyholder at a major disadvantage. But when policyholders are able to join together to openly share their experiences and are provided access to a host of proven professionals in their area who are ready and willing to help, the playing field just got more level.

The data you provide while posting your complaint will be compiled and used to initiate "Market Conduct Surveys" against carriers who demonstrate patterns of unfair claims practices. Filing individual complaints with your Department of Insurance will not accomplish this. Due to the sheer volume of complaints, many State Insurance Departments do not have the resources to thoroughly investigate them. In addition, there is no "National Insurance Department". With this in mind, we compile data ACROSS state lines to develop an accurate picture of a carrier's claims handling practices.

Although seemingly unfair, "your policy is just your ticket to the fight, no policy no claim". Simply put, just because you have a policy does not mean that the insurance company will assist you in getting what you paid for and deserve. There are no policy provisions that compel your carrier to educate you of your rights therein. If you do not understand how to administer your own claim the carrier is not contractually obligated to do so on your behalf. This is not meant to imply that carriers will not offer you any assistance, but the finer points of adjusting the claim are your responsibility.

Unfortunately, managing your claim in a timely manner is also your responsibility and this is where we have seen many claims go awry. For this reason, we highly recommend seeking the advice of a knowledgeable ATTORNEY or PUBLIC ADJUSTER. Seeking professional assistance before you have a problem will not guarantee a worry free claim, but it certainly helps.

The founding of InsuranceComplaint.com was born due to a terribly frustrating encounter with an insurance claim that ended up in litigation. We know how frustrated you feel, but rest assured, posting a complaint on this site will get attention. InsuranceComplaint.com's mission is to let the individual policyholder's "Voice be Heard" while helping them find resources to fairly resolve their claim with the insurance company. We welcome your input and participation.

DISCLAIMER: InsuranceComplaint.com compiles statistical data on insurance complaints and provides an open forum for individuals wishing to share their claims experience and/or seek professional assistance. InsuranceComplaint.com derives its input from industry professionals and claimants. InsuranceComplaint.com offers no opinion, makes no guarantees and/or recommendations with regard to the content found on this site. Only select vendors will be displayed on this site. However, all visitors to this site must perform their own due diligence when hiring a vendor or professional found through this site. InsuranceComplaint.com does not provide vendor recommendations to its users. In order for InsuranceComplaint.com to function as intended and provide its users with the best possible guidance it is imperative that all complaints be legitimate. InsuranceComplaint.com does not provide a means for a counter position. Accordingly, all complaints must be accurate and fairly portrayed. We strictly prohibit any false or misleading complaints about any carrier or their designated representatives. Anyone found doing so will be permanently banned from this site. Profanity will not be tolerated.