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vernita's complaint:
September 25, 2015

Insurance Company: State Farm Insurance
Coverage Type: Business Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

on june21,2013 i went to the nail club and spa to get my eyebrows wax. one of the technicians dropped hot wax into my right eye. the technician did nothing to correct the situation, but hand me a tissue. no one ever apologize or ask me how i was feeling or if i was alright. the nail club and spa just told me that i had to pay. after leaving the nail club and spa iwas in extreme pain and i could hardly see, i went straight to my doctor, where he tried to flush the hot wax out of my right eye and he gave me some pain pills. during the next couple of days i was in serve pain, unable tohave any type of light, sunlight or tv in my right eye. I then went to a eye doctor wear he treated me with medicine in my right eye and giving me 2 treaments of trying to flush out the hot wax in my right eye by sticking something in my eye. I also had to wear cocoon shades. The owner of the nail club and spa (mr. chinh nguyen) would not answer my calls or my certified letters. mr chinh nguyen told me about 2yrs later that the reason why he never responded to me because state farm told him not to talk to me. I filed a business claim with state farm. state farm denied my claim. so now i filed a small claims suit against the nail club and spa . the only way i finall gotten mr. chinh nguyen to finally talk to me because i called and took my papper work of almost two years to the killeen mall general manager which is where the shop is located, the general manager walked down to mr. chinh nguyen shop and gave him copies of my paperwork and told him to contact me. Now mr. chinh nguyen made contact with me by calling me, and only to ask me if i would accept $100 dollars and if i wanted anyting more i would have to contact his insurance company state farm. We went to one cout hearing, he had his attorney and i did not have anyone. I just sent his attorney copies of documents that they needed from me, after this we will have another cout date.

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