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rose's complaint:
September 23, 2015

Insurance Company: Farmers Insurance Group
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

My mother has been living in her home for 47 years. During that time only had to file a claim once due to a storm that damaged fencing about 30 years ago. They had Farmers Ins for a previous home as well with no claims. Found out through an electrician and a utility company that the wiring in her house is a HIGH FIRE HAZARD and it has already destroyed a couple of outlets, so power has been turned off in half of the house to avoid a fire. Farmers claims it is everyday wear and tear and not covered under the policy, but they do appreciate being a loyal customer for 47 years. Yea right, they benefited by taking her premiums and not helping her at all. The adjuster did say if a fire should occur that the damage would be covered. I told him my mother is 84 years old and uses a walker. If a fire broke out she wouldn't have a chance. So, they are not willing to cover or help with the cost of preventing this high fire hazard, but will to shell out tons of money after a fire has taken place. Does this make sense??? A loyal customer for over 47 years and you are treated like this. Trust me I am moving my Mothers homeowners policy to another insurance that CARES!!!

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