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Lili's complaint:
September 08, 2015

Insurance Company: Progressive
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
  • PolicyHolder Service - Abusive Service
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I want to share two partial emails I sent to Progressive. I've been with them for 10 years and instead of fighting for me as their loyal customer they did the total opposite and harmed my car/me through the process. They didn't even have the decency to respond to my emails. I've paid them so much over the years but it doesn't matter to them....

Iím writing this email full of anger and disgust towards your so-called insurance company Progressive, which at this point I feel is a thief of a company that is allowed to steal legally. Weíve been a Progressive customer for more than 10 years and have contributed towards your financial empire. When we needed your services you done everything but help us; conclude for yourselfÖ In the beginning of July my boyfriend was in a car accident, no fault of his, with a driver in a rental with full coverage from that rental company. Before I called the rental company about the accident I called you guys to advise what had occurred and immediately was told that even though the accident wasnít our fault you could be my representative, get the car fixed then go after the at-fault insurance company to get the money spent on the repair. I told the rep that I was going to wait as I didnít want Progressive to be involved at all as I didnít want my insurance rate going up. They assured me that wasnít going to happen unless the at-fault insurance company didnít pay for the repairs but I told them I was going to wait. A few days passed and the rental company was taking a while to confirm coverage so I decide to take your company on its generous offer, or so I thought at the time. When I called to open a claim with your company I specifically told the rep, Alexander Jomolca, that I needed my car fixed. I told him that we took pictures of the car in the front, back and under the hood and that the car is reparable. He made it sound as he understood what I was saying and then proceeded to make the arrangements for the car to be picked up (Luckily most of my communication with him was via email.). This occurred on a Thu or Friday. On the following Tuesday I get an email from him lying with the indication that my vehicle was declared a total loss. I immediately demanded that the car be taken to another shop, which I had found, on that same day. Alexander emailed me and also assured my boyfriend via phone that the car was being towed that day. Well that wasnít the case. The car ended up being towed to the new shop the following day late in the morning. And, after all that, the shop owner said it arrived disassembled with missing parts. Thankfully the owner of the shop also took pictures of the entire car as he received it; I have lots of pictures. What was the need to disassemble the car? Couldnít they provide their findings without disassembling? What was the reason the car arrived at the shop with missing parts? Who knows what they were planning to do with the car thinking that I was going to accept such a ludicrous suggestion that the car was totaled. When we called Alexander to advise what was going on and to demand that the parts be returned he played the role of not knowing what was going on. When I escalated the situation all of the sudden I get a call from a Maria apologizing and miraculously stating that the parts were found and were being returned to the shop. The shop proceeds to repair the car, which was done after the estimate they sent to the at-fault insurance company for repairs was approved.

Now I get a disgusting letter from Progressive titled ďam I paying too much insurance on my carĒ stating that my car was declared a total loss and suggesting the things that I can do, for instance, replace the car with a new one, or remove the comp and collision portion of the car. Well that car was not declared a total loss. The car was fixable as it did get fixed. If I would have never gotten Progressive involved and your unprofessional shop wouldnít have handled my car in the first place, I would not be going through this nightmare.

Iím here to advise you that that if you drop my car from Progressive for Comp and collision I will seek legal assistance with this matter because there is something shady with this whole situation. The frustration and the headaches that your company has caused me since this whole thing started is unforgivable. Who knows to how many other people your company has done something like what youíve done to us. What kind of company are you? Imagine if this is what happens when there is an accident like this one and one is not at fault, how will it be if one happens to be at fault? I donít even want to imagine.

At this point I donít know what else to tell you. Iím truly disgusted with the way my situation was handled. You as Senior Executives of Progressive are responsible for your employees and their actions, which are, in my opinion, are shady and unprofessional.

Iím retaining this letter for the future if I ever need to use it.


Jul 31
to grenwick, jcharney, bdomeck, vkrasowski, wcody, cjarrett
Iím writing to all of you in hopes that you have the decency to have my problem addressed to my benefit immediately. I have been with progressive for many years and have been a part of making your company the amount of money you make so I will hope that you reciprocate that by being fair and doing what is correct. Iím not asking for money Iím just asking you to do the right thing. A brief description of why Iím reaching out to youÖ
My car was in an accident. Because Avis, whom is responsible for the claim, was taking too long to fix my car as they didn't know when they would be able to verify coverage they told me to go through my insurance company, which I did. BTW, when I called you guys on the day of the accident to inform you of the accident the rep was so kind on the phone and said that I could either wait for Avis or go through Progressive to get my car fixed, because she said, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU; I find this to be false. I told her I want to wait for Avis as I donít want my insurance rate to go up because of the accident. Because Avis was taking so long I decided to go through Progressive to get the car fixed as that was my most important concern. Progressive took the car and after a few days notified me that the car was totaled and not fixable. Because I had taken pictures of the car after the accident I knew that wasn't correct because the car was fixable. I asked the Progressive to take my car to another shop as I wanted a second opinion, and after a few back and forth with the rep he finally said he was going to transport it over on the same day we requested and that he would contact Avis so they could send their adjuster over, which he never did do that. When the shop that was going to give us a second opinion received the car, which was on the day after the day it was supposed to be there, the shop owner, Angel, called us to ask if we had given Progressive permission to disassemble the car as he got the car disassembled with missing parts. I told him that I did not give them permission to disassemble the car(and espcially no permission to keep any parts), I gave them permission to fix the car. Luckily he also took pictures as soon as he got the car of everything under the hood and of the body of the car as no need to look under the car as the accident wouldnít impact there. Angel proceeded to give Avis an estimate to fix the car and they finally approved it yesterday. Today when Angel started to work on the car he raised the car on the lift and found there were a lot of missing parts under the car that seemed were removed, not due to damage from the accident. Now Angel needs to revise his estimate in order to replace those missing parts under the car, which Avis may reject and deem the car totaled. I still owe on the car and do not benefit at all if it's totaled. If the car would have been taken to Angel in the first place he would have provided the estimate to Avis and they would have approved it. I don't know why the shop that Progressive sent it to did what they did, but they should have never stayed with ANY of the parts. I need the shop to send the missing parts to Angel ASAP, and advise me that they will do so ASAP. If you speak with Angel he can give you a better explanation of all the missing parts from the car. Luckily I took pictures and Angel has taken pictures so there is proof. I maintained my car in excellent conditions and have that proof. I would take in my car regularly so my mechanic will vouch for the condition of the car. I ask that you please address my situation immediately. I also have all the emails with the Progressive Rep, which was our main mode of communication. Again, I never gave permission to disassemble the car and keep any of the parts, I only gave permission to fix the car.

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