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Gloria A's complaint:
April 30, 2015

Insurance Company: USAA
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

On April 4, 2015, I was in an accident on IH-20 going east. Three people were involved: Annette M. Greene, 912 Pine Tree Ln, DeSoto, TX 75115, who is insured with State Farm, 800-252-1932, Policy # 1365169-A16-43H, Claim # 43630L646, and Thomas Lee Burrell, 1906 Cheryl Ln, Arlington TX 76013, who is insured with USAA, (210) 531-8722, Policy # 335941531G71012; and, myself, Gloria A Hill, I am insured with Progressive.
I was driving on IH-20 going east, when all of a sudden there were two (2) vehicles in my view, going across the highway. I had no time to react to the incident in question. I hit one of them, of which I thought was a green vehicle. After I made my way to the right side of the freeway, I immediately dialed 911, the Dallas Police. They asked me my location and stated that I needed to talk with the Hutchins Police Department. I talked with them and they came immediately to the scene. When the policeman began to take the incident report, Annette M. Greene admitted that all of what happened was because I did not see the vehicle in my blind spot.
The policeman asked me what lane was I in, and I said the far right lane. He asked Annette M. Greene what lane was she in, and she said she was in the lane next to the far left lane. He asked Thomas Lee Burrell what lane was he in and he said he was in the far left lane. The policeman made my car #1, Thomas Burrell's vehicle #2 and Annette M. Greene's vehicle #3. It is a four (4) lane highway, speed limit 65.
Here is how the investigator's narrative opinion of what happened: All Units were traveling east on IH-20 between the 474mm and the 475mm in the City of Hutchins. #3 was in the left center lane when it began to change lanes to the left. #2 was in a blind spot of #3 and made an aversive maneuver to the left to avoid collision with #3 causing #2 to hit the grass on the inside median. #2 then over corrected sending it right across the path of #3. #3 then struck #2 causing #2 and #3 to lose control and spin across the path of #1 striking #3 in the drivers side. #2 and #3 came to rest in the ditch #1 came to rest on the shoulder of the roadway.
04/29/2015, I received a letter from State Farm Insurance, P.O. Box 661035, Dallas, TX 75266-1035, Claim Number: 43-630L0646, Insured: Annette M Greene; stating, "Dear Gloria Hill: We have carefully investigated the facts and circumstances related to this loss. Our investigation indicates our insured is not legally liable; therefore we must respectfully deny your claim. If you have any questions, please contact us. Sincerely, Ann-Rae Stifflemire, Claim Representative, (888) 257-6077 Ext. 22, Fax: (888) 888-4592."
04/29/2015, I called USAA at 210-531-8722, and they are saying the same that their insured is not liable and are not going to payout anything.
Where do I go from here. My car is wrecked because Annette M. Greene was not properly looking to her left to see if she could change lanes, and Mr. Thomas Burrell overcorrected his vehicle because she per se ran him off the road. My opinion is, if someone says they are the cause of the accident, then their insurance ought to pay for the damages to all vehicles involve.

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