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justin's complaint:
April 10, 2015

Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual
Coverage Type: Renters

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

My home was robbed on Christmas Eve. The thief was a friend of my sons. He brought two other men with him, one who is currently in jail for armed home invasion. The intent by the police was not to solve the issue of who robbed my house but to catch the gang member Ben Wright. Jaylen Robinson who was identified by my neighbors and the only one identified because I spoke to them all. Changed his story multiple times claiming he was not there, then was just the driver, then the look out for Ben and a Kelso ??? So at his final statement to the police with which he was given immunity for no good reason. He told officer Minter he was told by my son he could come to my house and take anything he wants. Are you kidding me, this is what the insurance detective believed to get out of paying. So according to the new rules of insurance, robbery is free as long as you say, he said I could. Further, to believe that a child would send armed men to his own home on Christmas Eve to rob his father during the normal time I arrive home from work. The insurance adjuster claims my son was there and contradicts the statement by saying Jaylen said he could go and take anything. He claims my son must have profited yet when I saw my son he did not seem to have 25,000. dollars worth of our property or money on him. He said a witness saw him there yet I have spoken to the only person who claimed to be there between the hours of 3;30 to 4;30 and the only one seen or identified was Jaylen Robinson. I am out 25,000.00 in property and have been treated like a criminal. I was ordered to provide bank statements for a year, photos, receipts, warranties etc. It is ridiculous that after interviews with me, my son, and in fact my insurance agent that is a very close friend of the family, what was believed was an ever changing story by the actual thief.

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