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KIm's complaint:
December 16, 2014

Insurance Company: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

I work for the State of Minnesota. Yearly ( Nov.) we have open enrollment to change medical insurance couriers. I changed my primary MD, by clicking on the area which states to. I did not Go to my Primary MD until July of this year. My claim was denied by BCBS, stating that I never called BCBS to let them know that I had changed my Primary. I was never told I had to do this. After multiple conversations with BCBS I was told I was to read the EMANUAL that is on the state web site. Now grant all employees can change insurance co., Everyone that chose not go with BCBS has not had any of these problems. With other carriers, employees can change their primary MD monthly on line. For some reason BCBS I am now told is not connected with that State in that way. I was told I was to check my medical card to make sure it was correct. I never received a medical card , When I spoke with HR through the state of MN, I was told that I was not to worry everything is updated at the time of open enrollment. Now BCBS wants 10,000 dollars for my annual Physical, blood work and 2 simple procedures. There are now other things that BCBS will not pay for the X-rays when I fractured my knee and arm. They state it in a different level. Common sense would tell you, that if you are at the MD's office, the MD ordered X-Rays, in the room next door, in the same clinic, same hallway, and needs to take the X-Rays to make your plan of care for healing, Why would you continue to choose to RIP OFF the patient. I have been a nurse for 33 years and have never seen an insurance co. treat human beings like this. Where it currently stands, if I need something done when I see the MD in the office, I must call BCBS to see if they will pay for this. The state of Minnesota is blaming BCBS for the glitch in the system, and BCBS is blaming the State on MN. Come on guys. Help me out here and fix the problem instead of taking my monthly payment for BCBS and then making me pay out of packet for all that has been done. THIS IS FRAUD> DOUBLE BILLING!!!!!

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