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JAYCE's complaint:
November 24, 2014

Insurance Company: Erie Insurance Group
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

I noticed hail/wind damage to my roof some months ago. I can't remember the actual time frame when I noticed roof problems. In early November I notice leaks on ceilings in my home. Leaks in roof and attic were noticed by 3 different contractors providing other services to my home. Creative Home Improvements, were the first business to notice problems with my roof. Adjuster, with Erie, inspected my roof on 11/14/14 and state there was no damage from hail and I was told it was a SHINGLE DEFECT. After I told him 3 other companies told me I had roof damage from hail/wind he told me he would talk it over with his supervisor and let me know. He then called to tell me would have his own inspection company come to take a look at roof. This was performed on Wednesday, 11/19/14. Around 12:30 that day he leaves a message and tells me he and the inspection company will both take a look at my roof. I'm wondering why an Erie's insurance adjuster has the authority to provide their own inspection company to inspect my roof AND ADJUSTER, IS PRESENT WITH THE COMPANY WHEN THE INSPECTION IS DONE??? I receive a report stating there is no hail/wind damage to my home for the company. Below are also other points to consider:

1. My neighbors on the left and right of me BOTH have claims with their insurance companies and roofs are both repaired with no problem.

2. Many homes in my neighborhood also had hail/wind damage their roofs repaired.

3. There is about 1/2 inch of sand/granular deposits from the shingles on my roof in my gutters.

4. There were 3 different companies stating hail/wind damage to my home.

5. I left a message with Manager, adjuster boss, at Erie's insurance concerning this incident.

I would like my roof repaired in a timely manner by a certified roofer. Any information that will help me would greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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