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Jane's complaint:
October 11, 2013

Insurance Company: Travel Guard
Coverage Type: Travel Insurance

  • General - I feel abused by this company

I cancelled a planned European trip six months in advance of my departure date and was told by the travel agent to file directly with Travel Guard for reimbursement. Three months of emails, letters, and evasive phone calls produced nothing but frustration and a pittance check for 1/6 th of what I had paid in hotel, airline and other costs. It was suggested to me to contact the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General's Office of Insurance Fraud, and only after their intervention was I finally reimbursed for all costs. If you have to deal with this company, I suggest you keep detailed records of dates of phone calls and all correspondence sent because the proverbial run-around will be voluminous. Travel Guard will claim you never sent the proper back up information, so make copies of all correspondence and send via registered mail. Good luck trying to reach the "claims manager" personally on the phone. You will have to run the gauntlet of several buffers before that happens and when and if you do, expect a sugar-y few words, but no money. The settlement check they offered was insulting. It took a good lawyer who deals with these issues to finally get my moneyand it took them three weeks to do it. Bless the AG's office.

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