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Donald's complaint:
October 08, 2013

Insurance Company: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Underwriting - Cancellation

We purchased our home on 08/20/2013. The insurance was purchased on 08/18/2013 before the home was purchased due to a VA requirement that stated the home had to have insurance before the home could be purchased. On 09/24/2013 Nationwide sent us a signature form asking 1)that the trampoline had been removed from the property 2)that the above ground pool had been removed from the property 3)that the steps on the porch were at least 3ft in height 4)that the animal has been permanently removed from the property. All these question were confirmed, signed and sent back to the insurance company with the insurance agent's confirmation.
On 10/08/2013 we received a letter from the underwriters stating that they (the underwriters) completed a Home Care Review of the property and were going to cancel our insurance on the house because there was a trampoline on the property. We called the agent and the agent had to explain to the underwriters that there was never any trampoline on the property and that no such trampoline existed even today. The underwriters finally called back and stated that we were safe for now (what does it mean that we are safe for now?)
My concern is that the underwriters never bothered to go to the property and verify weather or not the item was removed or was still there and threatened to cancel much needed insurance on a property that had no such item on the property when the property was purchased. No trampoline, no dog, and no pool was on the property when the property was purchased. It makes me wander if the underwriters ever get out of their office
to actually do a Home Care review and if they don't maybe they should before threatening an insurance cancellation for someone who is totally cooperating with all requests.
What is next ??? you can't have insurance because your grass is not cut???

Donald D

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