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Leorla's complaint:
October 02, 2013

Insurance Company: HealthSpring
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response

I decided to change my primary doctor because the doctor I used to go to while I was working was now taking Health Spring who had added Cigna onto their name. I called on 8/29/2013. The lady told me I should get my card 8 to 10 days not counting weekend and holidays. I made an appointment with my new doctor because Health Spring and the doctor's office said I would be seen if the information was in the system. That next week I went to my appointment but the ofc. said nothing was in the system. They turned me away. I called Health Spring and they hadn't put it in the system..but said they would. I decided not to make another appointment just wait for the card. I called every week in September after 8 days and Health Spring said I should get it the coming Friday. On October 1st I mailed a letter to Health Spring of my dissatisfaction..noting everything that has happened so far. I received a pack from Health Spring earlier in the month to renew my policy and later a statement requesting Oct.'s pmt. Which I always pre-pay the month before. This really irked me. And that's when I decided to send in my complaint. I had no service August, and September and they want me to renew and are requesting a pmt that's already paid. I told them I would not be re newing and I would not pay Nov. & Dec. if I did not receive my card so I can get my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Also called Medicare and filed my complaint.

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