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Tasha's complaint:
September 28, 2013

Insurance Company: State Farm Insurance
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays

Last week water flowed into our daughters bedroom and flooded the carpet from my bathroom. We found out our deductible was $2000, changed without notifying us. We called someone out to look at it, after he checked it the water began leaking through the first floor ceiling. So, now its worst and he still cannot find the source of the problem. We called out a contractor and he stated he had to open up the walls to fix the problem, the cost $3500 to fix it!

State Farm came out and looked at it and said, we need to get the walls open. However, the contractor won't start until they pay the deposit. I have already paid out $700.00 with little to no results. We are on a time limit because water creates mold! I have 4 young kids and State Farm has put us at a stand still. They said, they want to check to see if it's a slow leak. This is stupid because once it flooded the room, there is nothing slow about it. Only a moron could say it flooded the room and damaged the ceiling in a 6x6 area from a slow leak.

I have to leave for Korea in a short amount of time. I think I'm going to call my lawyer to see if I can sue State Farm for putting my kids life in danger! Why wait for the worst to happen! I don't have time to play games with them while, they try to lie their way into not paying.

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Cathy says:
October 1, 2013 at 1:00 PM

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