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Tracey's complaint:
September 24, 2013

Insurance Company: Globe Insurance Company of Oklahoma
Coverage Type: Life Insurance

  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • Underwriting - Forced Placement
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • Claim Handling - Fraud

I applied for insurance for my kids and i and it took two month for me to get my oldest to sons policys well when i talk to the woman on the phone she said you cant change your draft date and that jorden and mine would be drafted on the 17&19 ,and i ask for a refund and to stop my policy because I didnt receive a policy for jorden and my self,and the lady told me the address and they had the wrong apartment,so i told them to cancel the policy, the lady told me that they r drafting out on the 17 & 19 would draft it out on the dates you applied so ,y did they act like i just stop paying them im not letting them draft when forever,they want im disable and tryed to dispute it with the social Secruty direct express ,because after they got the right address they sent jordens Smith policy. They finally sent the other two for my son Derrick Donnell & Jermohn Richard but they took the money all at the same time. Well to begin with one of there workes said they i had to have a payment to start it so i never got a policy and im paying you for to month and i still didnt get one nor did I sign any thing ,my Direct Express card 1888.741.1115 they changed my card because there just draft when they want to they draft jorden's on the 30th one month ,the guy that looked up the payment said they cant do that but Direct Express told me to take it up with the merch they never try to help there going next,Tracey R Daniel ,so the denied it and just sent me a new card u can have them put it on the new card or mail it they dont know the new card number if u get a list of my payments there not on the same day ,and how u make someone pay to payments without no policy and it should have start once i get my policy ,that how my other to boys was but jorden didnt have a policy when they took his money either .I need the coverage for my kids i have another policy just for burial but i turn 45 next month and i know i can get it cheaper also the price went up and they did no call and tell me,a guy said there were some changes in the policy and i didnt get a notice and u charge me for a different amount fraud

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