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Alfreda's complaint:
March 08, 2012

Insurance Company: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • PolicyHolder Service - Denied Access to Services

I began on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plan through my new job. On a Friday, I attempted to have a prescription filled using my Blue Cross Blue Shield card only to be told by the pharmacist that my card was flagged. After further investigation, the pharmacist stated that Blue Cross flagged my account because I had another active insurance plan. My previous plan ended Feb. 29th (I called my previous insurance provider to verify this fact) and Blue Cross stated that the insurance plan was still active according to their system as of March 5th.

After several back and forth with the pharmacy, my former insurance and Blue Cross and Blue Shield, I was finally informed from Blue Cross that the flag was to be removed from my account (this was at about 12:30 p.m.) and it would take about 2 hours to correct. At about 5 pm the same day, the flag was still on my account.

When I called Blue Cross and Blue Shield, they stated that now I would have to get a written letter from my former insurance provider and have it sent to them verifying that I no longer have the old insurance. I then requested to speak to a manager to explain to me why one person tells me the flag will be removed within 2 hours and another state I need a letter to take the flag off. A manager stated there was some misunderstanding and I need to have a letter verification because a Blue Cross and Blue Shield rep spoke to someone from my former insurance provider and my former insurance provider stated to them that "yes" my account was still active - even though Blue Cross did not document a name of who they spoke with or any other type of traceable information.

I spoke with my former insurance provider on many occasions; Friday, Saturday and Monday. Everyone I spoke with at the former insurance provider stated that I no longer had an insurance plan with their company. I called my former insurance provider requesting they send a letter to Blue Cross Blue Shield and they are stating that they can only mail this info to me which will take about 10 to 15 business days! I needed a prescription Friday and I cannot get it filled because of this stupid flag on my account and now I have to wait another 10 to 15 day to have it sent to me!

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