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Aimee's complaint:
September 11, 2013

Insurance Company: Aetna
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I have MS and take a medication daily that keeps me healthy but it is also quite expensive, about $4500 per month. It was, until recently, experimental, but I was in the research group and eventually granted use of the med. The medication is not supposed to be stopped suddenly, there are cardiac complications. But Aetna stalls filling it whenever I request. "You need a new prescription." "You need a new prior authorization." "Our pharmacists have to review your prescription."
It's a good thing my physician's office is on top of things. Plus they are very kind and provide samples when needed. I have tried to explain to Aetna that I am not supposed to miss doses and that they may be liable for any complications I suffer. To no avail. Whenever I complain to the person on the phone, they get annoyed and say that they are "trying to help". I beg to differ.
It seems I never have an issue with copayments for other medications yet for this one Aetna will claim that they did not have a "valid" card on file to pay for it. They use the same card every month! Plus they used to bill, but they stopped that practice.
I understand that this med is expensive but it works and keeps me out of the doctor's office and out of the infusion center. There are other cost savings that they are realizing so why do I have to be put through the ringer every time I want a refill!

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