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alicia's complaint:
September 10, 2013

Insurance Company: UnitedHealth Group
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
  • PolicyHolder Service - Payment Not Credited
  • PolicyHolder Service - Denied Access to Services
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement
  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I have paid United Healthcare for the past 21 years and 11 months since my late husband died. I have been ONCE to a hospital to have a knee operation because I fell at JFK.
I was operated by Dr. Elliot Hershman from Lennox Hill Hospital in New York around ten or twelve years ago. This is the ONLY TIME I have been at a hospital. I go once a year for a check up and maybe three or four times more. I have always been very healthy.
y policy is 12/13/1948. Since 2011 United Health care refused to pay my bills stating that I was on disability (INACCURATE) then that I was on MEDICARE(ALSO NOT TRUE) They refused since then to pay my doctor's bills I recall specifically Dr. Steve n Bernstein
923 Fifth Avenue New York City. YHC never paid him, they refused to pay him and I had to pay, and then he dropped me because UHC NEVER PAID HIM. They told me and my assistant that they will not pay because AGAIN I am on disability.....INACCURATE, and i can prove it, and I am willing to go to any doctoir to have a test to prove it, then they again said that I had Part A of medicare INACCURATE ALSO. The bills that have to be paid are three or four from $$699.30 to Sunrise Medical, ENZO CLINICAL LAB for $60.00,
CARDIOVASCULAR INSTITURE $176.00, RHEUMATOLOGIS ASSOCIATES Dr. Crane $215.00, Dr Claudia Holland Gynecologyst who told me the Papp test was slighty abnormal and has to do a coloscopy...and I am affraid UHC will not pick up the cost.
I will become eligible for Miduicare on December 13, 2013 but not in 2011, or 2012 or now. I have paid regularly NEVER MISSING A MONTH'S PAYMENT ON MY UHC insurance. The last billas even thou none above $700.00 dollars have gone after several months delay to collection agencies .,,this will IMPACT NEGATIVELY MY CREDIT SCORE AND BEING A SELF EMPLOYED WIDOW THIS WILL NE DETRIMENTAL TO MY CREDIT and Credit score.
WHAT CAN I DO???? I have called UHC for monthas and they keep giving me the run around..telling me the same story and addun tghat I am on Part of medicare...I have never filed for this and have never gotten a card or any notice to this effect.

Many thanks

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