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Joyce's complaint:
June 23, 2012

Insurance Company: Farmers Insurance Group
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Underwriting - Refusal to Insure
  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

My truck was stolen from a dealership lot, where is was for about 4 months on a consignment sale. My truck was found 4 days later, 2 hours away in another county, completely stripped, no tires, rims, carpet, seats, dash equipment, etc., nothing left except the dash board with holes. Farm Bureau denied my claim, they said I stole the truck or my Son had something to do with the theft. I have no criminal background, except a speeding ticket for 7 miles over the limit, in the last 25 years. I have no financial needs for the theft. I am not in debt, except for my home. After putting an ad on Craigs list to offer a $1K reward that would lead to the conviction of the theft of my truck, I was contacted by someone that saw the photo & thought the truck they were about repair at their shop, had my special "after Market" rims on it. This ended up breaking wide open a 6 county Auto theft ring. The men were caught & they are serving State & Federal prison time, since some items were taken across State lines. Still Farm Bureau came up with another reason to deny my claim. They said that I made false statements when I set my initial Insurance up with them and made false statements duing a deposition with their Attorney. I gave everything to the Insurance company they requested for review of my crimainla & financial back ground, over 200 documents. I worked my tail off. I even had to give them a "CERTIFIED" copy of my Birth Certificate to prove my citizenship!! I was born in this country & have been in the same state for 53 years!! My parents & Grandparents & Great Granparents, Great-Great Granparents were also born here! I hired an Attorney, only to find out, after spending almost $5K to go againt the Farm Bureau Company, that I could sue them. But, I found out that I could end up spending an estimate of $25K to sue them and still if I won my case, Farm Bureau was going to appeal the courts decision, no matter what. I would then have to go throught the same thing & yes, spend another $25K to fight and the value of my truck was only $39K. David verses Golith!! I ask for Insurance premiums back, for the time Farm Bureau has my truck in storage for the claim. They would not even tell me wher it was being stored for over 7 months. They gave me back about 1/2 of what I had paid or insurance on the truck. Then they had the nerve to cancel the coverage on my car when the renewal was to take place. Naturally, I wanted full coverage, so I had to find another company. When they gave me the partial refund, they actually charged me a "CANCELLATION" fee, cause I wanted to leave them 1 whole month before my renewal! I have never been treated this way by anyone in my entire life. I will tell everyone from here to eternity, what Farm Bureau did to me.

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