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Tim's complaint:
June 18, 2012

Insurance Company: Humana
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • Underwriting - Forced Placement
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
  • PolicyHolder Service - Abusive Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement

Brent Jenkins is the worst Insurance Agent ever and he and his company provide the poorest customer service.Upon inquiring about a insurance policy and the different options, I am told I have to choose one for approval and then we can change it once your approved. I asked several times before giving my financial information about being able to compare and choose a plan and start date upon approval. I was told several times yes we just need to get the approval first.

Upon gaining approval for my individual insurance and had a slight rate adjustment from what I was quoted, no big deal. I called this guy Brent, who by the way, daddy is the owner. I ask him what are the other rates for the other policy types and I want to add dental. He says he'll call me back tomorrow.

I leave out of town for two seperate business trips and dint hear from Brent. Of course I see that money has been debited out of my account for a policy I never approved or a start date. This was my fear fro the begining and I raised it with him and Vanessa the Customer Service gal (who is also a family member). Sure enough exactly what I though could happen, happened (trust your own judgement).

I called and spoke with Vanessa (who was the only one helpful through this) and left a voice message for Brent. I explained to Vanessa what happened and I then called Humana (who is also at fault here) to immediately cancel the policy and issue a refund. I also wanted to issue a complaint because this should not have happened.

I then get a call from Brent (who is the biggest pompus jerk I have ever encountered) and explained what happened and that I was not happy. I explained that I spoke with Vanessa and Humana and he cuts me off and says"If you are going to cancel the policy, I am not going to waste my time on you". I was floored by that statement. I asked who his boss was and said "I dont have one and hung up."

Irrate, I talk with Vanessa again and complain. This guy actually tries to call me back and I say I do not want to speak to him and he keeps harrassing me by calling after I now told him twice to stop contacting me.

I then get a call from smooth talking Owner Derrick Jenkins (Brent's daddy) who of course says all the right things. I want my money back and should not have to wait for it. They always take it right away and then wait to return it. I said I wanted a refund immediately but since Humana is supposedly refunding it I agree to wait for it. This after his impassioned plea that I'll deal with Brent and I'll make a call to expidite your refund. Here is my number call me anytime, I hope we can earn your business in the future.

Well you know the story folks, 2 weeks later no refund and now Derrick doesn't want to answer his phone and just sends me what he called "a polite email", basically passing the buck. I call Humana and ask where is my refund and they say no one requested it. So if I dont call and follow up on all these guys no refund and no one cares. I guess that call from Derrick to expidite my refund never happened from Derrick.

The bottom line is all I wanted was a new health insurance policy and got nothing but a headache, harrased, lied to and basically money stolen from me and still don't have it back.

Beware of these guys!

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Krystal says:
June 18, 2012 at 8:43 PM

I've been shopping for a health insurance company and I am glad I came across this website. I definitely won't be purchasing a Humana policy! Thank you for posting your experience and saving me from any trouble. I am so sorry that you are having trouble getting a refund...Good luck!

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