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Jason's complaint:
June 18, 2012

Insurance Company: Farmers Insurance Group
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Underwriting - Premium Too High
  • Underwriting - Unfair Surcharge
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement
  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays
  • Marketing & Sales - Misrepresentation
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I have never had to deal with such inadequate people in my entire life. With my first agent I would go in every month with a check.
I started noticing after a couple months that my checks were not being taken out of my account, so I went in and asked him why he wasn't depositing my checks. He said he had never gotten any checks from me and that I had a bill of $800 dollars. So I paid it and canceled all the checks and my bank account. I opened another bank account and got a new agent. He told me that I qualified for numerous discounts that I wasn't getting before. He also signed me up for a life policy that he said would drop my insurance by $35 a month as well. I was paying $225 for my insurance before so I was very excited about all these discounts. I got my first bill after all the discounts were applied and my auto was $280 and my life policy was an additional $40. I went into my agent and asked him why all of a sudden my policy was so much higher after supposed discounts were applied. He responded with, "coincidentally your premium went up at the same time." I have never had a ticket or accident so my insurance should never be going up. I told him to cancel the life policy and refund me the money. He said yes and two months later my life policy is still active and they continue to pull money. So I cancelled my insurance with them all together. They have no pulled money from my account using old automatic with drawl codes twice and owe me $300. I just switched to Farm Bureau and they are awesome.

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