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John's complaint:
June 14, 2013

Insurance Company: Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations
  • Marketing & Sales - High Pressure Tactics
  • General - I feel abused by this company

My 2008 Scion was stolen on the block I live in on south 6th street in Philadelphia on April 22nd, the car was found 3 days later in Williamstown NJ; it was burned completely and found in a sand pile. I filed the police report promptly on the 22nd with the 3rd district about 5:30 pm, I called my insurance company and explained what happened, the next day an agent contacted me, his name was George Jackson, he asked me to come to their Havertown office for an interview, I did go on Friday the 25th of that week, and Mr. Jackson was very cordial and professional as he methodically conducted his interview, he did say at the end of the interview that although it should not be a problem; please make sure you disclose that you do indeed drive your car for business in New Jersey more than once per week; I had answered the question during the interview that I drove to new Jersey at least 3 times per week. He said they might take the extra costs off of the final payoff from settlement of the claim, I explained that that would be fair to me, the meeting commenced and George said he would be in contact with me. About an hour after I left Mr.Jackson, Duy Loufik ; Infinity's special investigator called to tell me my phone was found and where. The next day I went to the State Police station in Williamstown NJ to sign the release, and 3 days later to bring the release to A-jacks towing so the insurance company could tow the car to their facility. My dad on June 12 th , I went to the interview on Tuesday to meet with Mr. Loufik,he and another guy named George, made accusations about me knowing of the theft, turned off the tape and coersed me into signing a document to draw back my claim, they said that if they continue to run the tape that the road they'd go down can cost me serious repercussions with my job , my reputation, my children; unfortunately I was down that I had lost my father 2 days before on Mother's day so I was saying that I have custody of my kids and I had been through a lot in the last year. these 2 gentlemen prayed on my emotions, George actually said that because of my bad credit, the high mileage on the car, and the fact that it was burned so bad; makes this suspicious. he also made statements like; "is there something you want to tell me John, he explained that he was a former cop in Lansdale Pa, he knows what this can do to me but, he liked me and he thinks I should just walk away. I was emotionally drained and decided to sign the paper when he said for me to call Chase auto finance and explain the situation, and that they would work out a payment plan with me, he told me not to even mention this interview because if I do, he'd come down harder with more of an investigation and get the law enforcement agencies involved. Duy then left the room and came in with the papers, and I reluctantly signed them. George then said to me, you did the right thing, it's not like we have anything on you but, spare yourself the embarrassment, you are in a high paying corporate position, why jeopardize your life...why take a chance.
He then pushed my car key across the table and said 'keep this there is no need for it"...I said "no..you keep it , that is the only key I have. That struck me as strange on my ride home from the interview, I was convinced I was tricked because George kept saying he believed that key was the key that drove the car to it's final destination and fate. I called Duy on the phone from my car and said.. I think I made a mistake in signing that paper, I should have held this meeting off with the death of my dad..He said "you would probably lose the claim anyway, you never disclosed you use the car for business in jersey". I said " want another interview and this time the tape better be on and no strong arm tactics like today". he said " I have to go I have another call and cut me short, after a week or more of no response from him, I called George Jackson and explained what happened, he said not to worry and he would get me another interview and get the paper signed I re-tracted. I since received a letter from Duy Loufik asking for the last 6 months of my bank statements, my expense reports, the receipt proving that I was driving a rental van for a company job during the days the car was stolen, he wants My company cell phone records, and other purchasing paperwork from the Scion and from a voluntary re-possession I did in March 2008. I sent the bank statements, the rental van receipts , and toll receipts from my trips to Jersey, my company has explained that it is difficult to get individual phone records because we are on a multiple phone network. I spoke to Duy about 2 weeks ago and explained the phone records were hard to obtain, he said he did not and will not 'buy" that..he then said he would bringing me into another interview, and that this time a court reporter will be there and I'd be under oath...I said "fine", when will that be, he then said he had another call coming through and had to let me go. That's the last I heard from him, he has not returned my calls , either has George Jackson. received a letter last week from George Jackson with a box checked off stating that Infinity has yet to make a determination and it's still being investigated. My insurance agent: Jonathon Lazorko told me to file this complaint because this is unfair and harassment. Please help me in this matter, I am currently in another car and paying that car payment, plus I am still paying Chase auto finance, and this is causing me financial hardship.
I can be reached to discuss this matter further.

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