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Julie's complaint:
June 08, 2012

Insurance Company: AAA
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Underwriting - Premium Too High

I did a search for rates on homeowners insurance and was contacted by several companies. One that I was contracted by was AAA, and when I talked to the agent and gave him all of my information on my house, he came back with a quote of $657.00 a year. My so called agent, which is another story, sent me papers to sign stating the amount of $657.00 and I signed them and sent them back to him. On the designated day, they took the amount out of my account, and said that I would receive my policy information within 10 days.

Upon receiving that information, I saw that instead of the $657.00 per year, they wanted me to pay $979.00 per year. They had upped my policy from covering $157,000 to covering $274,035, with another $27, 403 for other structures, which I do not have any other structures on my property, so they made that up by themselves in order to charge even more. Needless to say I was outraged, and called my so called agent, and got the normal, I will look into it and call you back, which I knew was BS, and they had my account number so they could just deduct whatever they wanted. I called him back again and got his voice mail and told him that anyone would be angry about this and that he had totally misrepresented to me what I would be charged, and that I did not want a stupid email, but a phone call back from him.

The totally inept man, called me back and basically treated me like I was some stupid woman, who had no right to be angry over this fraud, and that he refused to talk to me unless I shut up and listened to him. His name is Jim Hubbard and he is from the Champion Insurance Agency in Lees Summit, Missouri. He is rude, and condescending, and just basically told me to let him know when I found other insurance so he could cancel my policy.

If this is what AA expects people to put up with, with either their agents or their poor handling of quoting one amount and then once you sign the papers raising it by over $300.00, then I have no doubt why I have seen so many complaints against this insidious company. Stay as far away from them as you can, because they are frauds plain and simple.

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