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Deborah's complaint:
February 20, 2013

Insurance Company: Allianz Global Assistance
Coverage Type: Travel Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

I had planned a trip to CA to visit my daughter with my husband. We bought tickets (Jet Blue) and made reservations at a San Diego hotel. As usual, I bought the travel insurance,Jet Blue offered (44.00) from Global Alliantz. I have 95 year old mother and I previously safeguarded travel investment when travellng to Florida. The travel was to take place on Jan. 6 -16. On December 12 th my mother who was living at her own house became ill and was taken to the hospita.l then to an interim rehab center to gain strength. On Dec 21st she was admitted to a permanent nursing home because ambulation and her eyesight were failing.She was still experiencing some gastric issues that seemingly were under control. She needed emotional support because of this overwhelming change in her living situation. We decided to defer the trip until the Spring and contacted Alliantz which promptly sent out a plethora of paperwork which we supplied evidence:checking account, itinerary, hotel payments, etc.. Because it was a cancellation not involving the principal insuree we were advised to fill out a shorter doctor's form. We obtained a signature from the house doctor that he had seen her without much comment. Alliantz then sent a doctor's comprehensive form which would confirm that the doctor told us that the trip would be ill-advised. We did not have this completed because the house doctor saw my mother briefly; we did not see him and my mother 's primary care providers were no longer involved. Alliantz claimed that this longer form with very specific medical issues needed to be completed. While I was weighing this request my mother became very ill and was rushed to the hospital. She died on January 27th and I promptly sent the obituary to Alliantz as evidence that my claim had been legitimate. Emergency room doctors in an ever revolving system attended to her septic situation, pneumonia, and confusion.
I have waited for a response from Alliantz after submitting a dossier of redundant information and this morning I was denied my claim because as the agent explained: My mother's death fell 10 days outside the end date of the trip! Apparently, it wasn't such an emergency when I cancelled at the end of December!!
I find Alliantz obfuscations, delaying tactics, and outright disregard of of a mourning daughter's sensibilities outrageous. They are reprehensible in the refusal to honor the legitimate concerns of a daughter for her 95 year old mother's health.As i have stated, I have bought travel insurance in my previous travels because of an aged dependent and luckily never had to access it. Alliantz can easily look up previous "fraudulent' scofflaws-my name won't be there. This arbitrary decision is doubly hurtful-the financial loss only exacerbates the personal loss.

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