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Glenda's complaint:
February 20, 2013

Insurance Company: Bankers Life & Casualty Company
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

My almost 80 year old Grandmother has a doublewide insured with AMERICAN BANKERS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF FLORIDA which is administered by HOME FIRST AGENCY Inc. In January her furnace caught on fire. The fire department arrived and put out the fire with a water can. No major damage, just to the furnace. They have denied the claim. The first reason they gave my Grandmother was dust on the unit. However, it was worked on by 2 different companies in the 2 months leading up to the fire and was working fine. My Mom just got a new filter at Loweís before Christmas. We sent them a receipt by one of the companies that worked on it. And offered to find the Lowes receipt or call Lowes to see if they could get it for us. This didnít work so the second reason they gave my Grandmother was water damage. We pointed them to the fire report that stated it was put out with a water can. When this didnít work, the third reason they gave was; the fire was considered electric and the policy didnít cover it. YES IíM SERIOUS! I am completely amazed. There has been no heat in this house since the fire, and it is only a $1500 repair!!! This insurance company was not chosen by my Grandmother. It was chosen by the mortgage company and the premium goes up at least every other time. So, I tried the Better Business Bureau and guess what; they donít participate. Hhmmm, I am not shocked by that. So now I am trying every avenue to let the public know, you will pay thousands in premiums over the life of your mortgage, and they will find a way to turn any claim down. DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY! I was also amazed when I started reading all the complaints that are out there on this company. Read before you purchase!

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HomeFirst Agency, Inc. says:
February 21, 2013 at 10:14 AM

I will respond to our customer if I can get the contact information. I am unable to determine the customer.

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