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Susan's complaint:
January 23, 2013

Insurance Company: Chubb Corp.
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Underwriting - Nonreneweal

After 32 years as a policyholder, I was dropped because of 2 claims in one year. As a result, I have had to be placed into an insurance pool. This has resulted in an increase in cost and a large increase in deductible. The new assigned company (Lloyds of London) has done a home inspection resulting in my need to do such things as "remove moss from an outside shed" to "trim back shrubs from my walkway" in order to meet their criteria for coverage. I belive they are trying to drop me as well because of the 2 previous claims.

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Shawn says:
February 5, 2013 at 4:38 PM

Hi Susan, I don't think Lloyds is trying to drop you. Each company has different underwriting standards and requirements. These seem like normal requirements. It sounds like you have a high-value dwelling. You should check out Encompass Insurance. They may accept you if you have a good insurance score.

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