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Brenda's complaint:
January 20, 2013

Insurance Company: Allstate
Coverage Type: Life Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays

My sister was hit by a car and killed on 10/20/2012 while walking on an exit ramp in I-95 in NC to get gas for her car. As the beneficiary for the policies, I submitted life insurance and accidental death claims to UNUM, her employer's insurance and Allstate immediately after her death. UNUM stayed in touch with me, and, in a timely manner, paid both claims and closed them ASAP. My family prayed Allstate would do the same. No one from Allstate called, but I did receive a letter notifying me that the claims were received and being processed. On 11/13/2012, I received the life insurance payout and assumed the accidental death claim was still being processed. On 12/7/2012, I received a letter saying they had requested the ME Report. I called that same day to see how long it would take to receive it, and was told by Customer Service no one knew, but requested that it arrive by 12/31/2012. After hearing nothing further, I decided to call on 1/16/2013 for the claim status and was told again by Customer Service of the 12/7/2013 request to the ME. When I asked had there been follow up on 12/31/2013, the Rep told me that I needed to make sure the ME sends in the report. Unfortunately, I became overwhelmed with anger and sadness at that point, and asked to speak to someone higher, and was told, "claimants are not allowed to speak to the Adjusters." I then managed to calmly ask, "does Allstate expect the victim's family to follow up on paperwork required to process the claim?" I'm then put on hold for minutes and the Rep returns to the phone to say, "the ME report was received but not the toxicology report, we will request that today." In utter disbelief and not allowed to speak to anyone, I said thank you and hung up. All my family wants is for Allstate to process this claim. My sister died 3 months ago and we want closure.

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