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Stephen L's complaint:
January 14, 2013

Insurance Company: Aetna
Coverage Type: Health Insurance

  • General - I feel abused by this company

I am on my wife's TRS Aetna ins. as a secondary ins. behind my Medicare policy with AARP United Health Care. Without my authorization, Aetna disenrolled me from AARP policy and enrolled me in their Medicare policy.

The notice came in while my wife and I were on a cruise in December. We got back on the 23rd. With the holidays going on, I did not get to the mail until Dec. 31. I found notices from AARP telling me I had no coverage and Aetna telling me I had been enrolled into theirs.

I had an appointment with the Dr. set for Jan. 3. I moved it back to Jan. 18th. I am out of some of my meds and need a Dr.s prescription to get them.

I called Aetna on Dec. 31st and had them disenroll me from their program as I was happy with my AARP ins. I tried to get my AARP ins. back only to be told I will have to deal with Medicare directly. As of this writing I am waiting to hear back from Medicare. I am without ins. and am told it could be Feb. before anything gets done.

Aetna has put me in a very bad position of having no ins. and being unable to get the needed Dr.s prescriptions which may have put my health at risk.

What, if anything can I do about what Aetna has caused? Please advise.

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