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david's complaint:
January 14, 2013

Insurance Company: Assurant
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Underwriting - Premium Too High
  • Underwriting - Refusal to Insure
  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • Underwriting - Unfair Surcharge
  • PolicyHolder Service - Denied Access to Services
  • Claim Handling - Fraud
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations

My complaint is against all auto insurance companies opperating in the state of Florida as well as the Dept.of motor vehicles,the state legislature and any other publicly elected servant of the people and lobbyist or group thereof who by their lack of integraty,their personal greed,their malfeasant and sociopathic uncaring attitudes towards the driving public contribute heavaly towards the collusive agendas of these insurance criminals whose sole purpose is to commit fraud and embesslement against the very people whom they owe their opulant lifestyles to.However much they proclaim their quasi legal positions they are no less FELONS if only by moral ineptitude.These people are incapable of conducting their business affairs in a respectable manor in my opinion.I would perticularly like to mention some of the more serious shenanigans of these thieves.
First:did you know that weather you want it or not you will be charged aprox. $15/mth for hurricane ins.on your vehicle even if it is owned outright by you.However,if you own your home outright you are not required to do so.This is profiled bias for the commision of fraud and as such qualifies itself as unconstitutional.In 59 years of driving in this criminal enterprise they call Florida I have not sustained one cent in hurricain damages.
Secondly:you are penalized according to your credit rating even if you have excellant credit.I have never,not once, ever heard of these S>O>B> ever underwriting on credit.This is flagrant fraud.It may even violate the doctrine against debtors prison.
Thirdly:did you know?You will be penalized with a higher premium if you are not married reguardless of your religous tenents or sexual orientation.Not only is this a violation of "church and state" as provisioned by the constitution :it also discriminates against the GAY community because of its genetic composure.This is a fraudulant affront to these victims CIVIL RIGHTS and as such warrents a full investagation and a class action lawsuit against every insurance company in the state of Florida and probubly the entire country.Every executive on every board of directors of every insurance company in this state and every complicent politicion who can be proven to have abeted them needs to go to prison.Now which one of you HAPPY JACK attornyes is going to jump on this oppertunity in the name of fortune and fame?
I can assure you that I am if I have to represent myself with the paultry fee dollars the theiving bastards didnt know I had.I am going to start with Assurance America and then anybody else I can think of.

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