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sarinna's complaint:
March 03, 2012

Insurance Company: Esurance
Coverage Type: Business Insurance

  • Underwriting - Forced Placement
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations
  • Marketing & Sales - High Pressure Tactics

I have lived in Pennsylvania and I sublet a basement apartment with my aunt for over 9 years now. I have had insurance on all of my vehicles for over 8 years at the same address. Esurance has been my automobile company on and off for several years now. In the past, I was asked to provide proof of residency. I gave documents supporting my residence to Esurance from my landlord and I have also provided bank statements showing transactions in Pennsylvania. At the time of establishing my policy, Esurance made it a point to ask if I frequented NYC/ NJ on a regular basis and I advised I did. This caused me to pay a higher premium. My policy was in fact kept in effect by the insurance company after receipt of these documents. Esurance continued to bill me and provide me with full coverage until my vehicle was stolen.

On August 22nd I called Esurance to advise that my vehicle was missing. I provided copies of police officer names, badge #s and a police report. Esurance requested documents and items from me. They were all hand delivered to Scott ***, my claims adjuster in the Hauppauge, NY office. I gave him my signed notarized title, my only copy of my car key, and supporting documents showing my sound system, rims and the recent replacement of my engine and transmission. At that time, I gave Mr. *** my only car key with two remotes attached. One of the two remotes were broken. When he asked, I showed him and advised the rubber interior from one of the two remotes deteriorated and I was unable to use it so I had to purchase and alternate remote and program it. Clearly Mr. *** met with me. We discussed my claim in person at the Hauppauge office, another sound attachment will show the manager advising she is unable to speak with me in person at the same office when I needed assistance. She directed me to customer service.

Two and a half months have gone by without any word from this company in regards to my claim. Once my vehicle was recovered early September, it was then sent to an investigator and I was requested to give my deposition under oath. The lawyers office had to meet with did not have availability for about two weeks later. When I told the investigator the time delay was an inconvenience to me, he replied with, "Your having a policy with Esurance is an inconvenience to the company." This delayed the process even further and pissed me off. I waited and waited.

Somehow I was able to get in touch with Mr. John ***. He has been the only person to this day willing to help me within this company. He advised my claim was sent to an additional attorney (not the 1st, but a 2nd one! ) and Esurance was waiting for the attorneys opinion and will have to have a meeting and come to their own conclusion after getting the opinion. He has made several attempts to get in touch with the attorneys office requesting a faster response. In the mean time, I was racking up a rental car bill totaling close to $2500 to date. I have rental car coverage on my policy. I was told by Scott to get the rental and forward the bill over to him and he will take care of it not to exceed my policy limit of $1200. He even went as far to change the rate on my agreement in the meantime resulting in me paying the insurance rate.

Once this claim was deemed as being dragged out, I then spoke with Christene ***. I advised that two months later I expect Esurance to cover the additional charge for this rental since I have cooperated 100%. I was told she will review it once the claim is decided. Today November 2nd, 2011, I must have called Esurance 10 times looking for a response. Towards late afternoon on a call I initiated to Scott, he told me he didn't get a chance to review the lawyer's decision. He placed me on hold for about two minutes or so and came back with a denial. I asked him for his reasoning. Per Scott, 1.) I only gave one key with 2 remotes (my car was purchased from a crashed auto auction in SC. It only came with one key and this was explained to him and in this letter), 2.) the vehicle was carefully stripped on the interior (Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if a vehicle was stolen in order to be stripped, wouldn't the thief take their time to avoid causing damage to the parts they are trying to steal?). He says it should have been ripped out. Now that is stupid logic from my point of view, and 3.) I have financial issue?

Incorrect. Esurance needs to check all three Credit Bureaus before insulting me. I just financed a 2011 BMW through BMW bank (I will attach a copy of the contract proving). If my credit was bad, this would not be possible. The only debt on my credit report is undue student loan. It is subsidized until 2015 meaning it's not due to be paid! Any other debt brought up by the lawyer, I can't even dispute because he did not let me see the report. At this point, I am beyond fed-up with this company. They are looking for every inaccurate reason to avoid compensating me on my claim but continued my policy, renewed it in April and continued to bill me and accept my money. Finally, I got a letter from Scott telling me I was denied due to fraud? On top of not attempting to help, I was accused of being a criminal? This is unacceptable. After getting ignored for over two months, I made an attempt to go to the same office where I met Mr. Scott *** and was turned away due to their company policy that Scott didn't seem to follow if it in fact existed.

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