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fred& Lesa's complaint:
December 08, 2012

Insurance Company: Allstate
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer

Our truck was stolen on Oct., 1,2012; it was recovered 3 days later fully stripped, this included doors, tailgate , tires, hood, lights and left on blokds in a wooded area. Allstate sent out an adjuster, he contacted us once to inform us that he was going out to look at the vechicle, he then informed us that he was set to go on vacation and we never heard from him anymore, we finally contacted the Theft Rep. at Allstate and he apoligized for the adjuster and informed us that it was a total loss. The truck was in excellent condition with very low miles and they do not want to pay us what the truck was work, we reasearched online at Autotrader, and spoke with owners of a local Dodge dealership that gave us a price that was a couple of thousand dollrs differnce. Allstate still has not bugged on their offer and we have not either , we will sue for the difference if we have too

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