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Meghan's complaint:
December 07, 2012

Insurance Company: USAA
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

My husband and I were the victims of a hit and run driver. The accident resulted in our car being totalled and we were shaken, bruised and sore, but we feel lucky to be alive. Our insurance company, Geico immediately offered assistance and medical coverage. They have been wonderful, however, even though the police report identifies the car, the driver and the hit and run, USAA refuses to accept responsibility!
There were witnesses at the scene of the accident that took down the license plate number and identified the vehicle. The police took all the information and tracked the vehicel to the address of the registered owner, however the owners refused to allow the police to look at the vehicle (it was covered in the back yard). Because the police continue to persue the driver who now has a warrant out for his arrest the case remains open. In the pst three months while we've waited for some closure, the owners of the vehicle had it repaired. They sent photos of the repaired vehicle into USAA and USAA now denies any claim. We are really shocked at the participation of USAA in this criminal coverup.

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