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Rev. Danny's complaint:
November 29, 2012

Insurance Company: State Farm Insurance
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations
  • General - I feel abused by this company

STATE FARMS REFUSAL TO HONOR A CLAIM Sequence of events to date: On Friday 11/23/12

These people came into my home through the back door, without my personal invitation or knowledge before being in my dining room, when I ask who and why they were there.

They said they were here to review the water damage, as this is there business and they do this all the time. I had not called them, so I did not know who they were.

They said they would tare the necessary damaged property out and take care of the whole matter with the insurance co., and I will not have to pay one penny, as they will even cover the deductible and the hot water tank and installation of it, and everything, not costing me one penny from start to finish.

I said should I call the insurance company first. Jeremy said no he would take care of this and get me a claim number, adjusters name and phone number etc. Which he did communicated with the insurance company and arranged for me to be able to go to a hotel, as I had explained; I had just gotten out of the hospital with a heart operation, whereby I got damage to my right lung and diaphragm. Therefore I have a very bad breathing problem, as I only have 30% of my right lung use. My Doctors have advised me, to be very cautious of being around any dust etc.

I was told no less then 7 times. I do not need to be concerned or worried about anything, that everything will be covered as they-Dry Masters take care of everything from A to Z. They obviously are not finished.
I was advised the insurance company is not going to cover the hotel anymore. My care taker and I had to move out. Therefore the care taker and my self had to get the home in a position to sleep in.

It was very hard with the breathing problem I have with the mess they have left me in.

I have had to pay for the hot water tank and installation, plus the insulation personally, almost $500.00 dollars I had to borrow from a personal friend. I do not have the money to get someone to complete this job, they have not finished. THEY PROMISED TO COMPLETE AND IT IS OBVIOUS IT IS NOT COMPLETE. Plus they have left a trash mess in my back yard, so the association is complaining about it and will haul it away at the expense of Dry Masters who made the mess, with the promises of taking it away. Dry Master will not be allowed to do any more work in this park; if the association has to haul the trash away, dry master had promised to take away.

I have personally not only bought the water heater and insulation, but personally installed over half of the insulation already as of 11/29/12. While not suppose to be in the atmosphere

I have tried to talk to Mike the owner of Dry Masters, and he started cursing. As a Minister, I knew I could NOT reasonable discuss this matter with the owner-Mike when he started cursing me about a job he has not completed, his job foreman Jeremy, promised to be completed. Causing me, a very unhealthy atmosphere; which most likely will put me back in the hospital, at quite an expense? I would have to ask them to bear.

If the job is not completed, within the next two days! I will have to get someone else to complete the job and expect them to pay the expenses to do so. It seems to me, it would be much less for them to complete the job immediately, then to have to pay for someone else’s profit.


Rev. Danny Watts

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