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Angel's complaint:
November 20, 2012

Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Underwriting - Nonreneweal

I have been a loyal customer of Liberty Mutual for the past 17 years and have never filed a claim. Approximatley 8 months ago, I decided to take my vehicle insurance, which is also with Liberty mutual, to State Farm due to a better rate. Friends of mine who were also with Liberty Mutual warned me that they would now cancel my homeowners policy since I no longer had my vehicle with them. They were right, I just recieved a non-renewal letter stating that they would not be renewing my policy in an effort to protect themselves from future events. I called them to get a better explanation and they advised that I was ramdomly chosen. What a coinsident that everyone that has cancelled their auto insurance is also ramdomly chosen. This should be illegal that they can get away with practices like this.

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