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Philip's complaint:
November 12, 2012

Insurance Company: The Travelers Companies
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement

The adjuster told us on several occassions we would receive the depreciaiton value of our claim if we spent the full repair amount. This was not true. On 9/10/2012 my home was flooded when my washing machine overflowed causing 1-2 inches of standing water in every room in the house. The insurance company had a mitigation company dispatched and an adjuster to clean up the standing water and estimate damages. Upon receiving the actual estimate via Email we had a telephone conference with the adjuster regarding the claim. The adjuster Scott Garland explained the depreciation value of the claim. He stated that if we spent the full amount of money the insurance company was going to give us for the damages, that we would receive the depreciation value on the claim (roughly $3,627.85). My wife told me that and I sent Mr. Garland and email asking if this was correct and he telephoned me and explained to me that as long as we spend the full $13981 of our insurance claim to repair the damages to our home, that the home would no longer be depreciated and we would receive the total amount for depreciation. Before we started to spend any money my wife telephoned our adjuster Scott Garland again and repeated the statement that if we spend the full $13981 on repairs we will get the depreciation value of the claim of $3,627.85 and she was assured again YES that is correct. We spoke of the depreciation value multiple times in multiple emails and was never told our understanding was incorrect. Upon spending the full amount of money to repair our home after a month, we were told we would not get the depreciaiton value back because the adjuster did not explain it properly. I spoke with Mr. Garlands boss Kevin Wood who came to our home, looked over our emails, notes, figures and documents and agreed that he felt we were mislead and there was no room for misunderstanding on our part that the adjuster was wrong and the way he explained it and our communication made it clear that we were told we would receive the depreciaiton value of the claim but he could not authorize that amount and had to go to his boss Aaron Garcia. He took copies of the emails and claim and left. The next day he called and stated that Mr. Garland was incorrect and they would not give us the depreciation check that was stated we would receive. This evidently came from Mr. Woods supervisor Mr. Aaron Garcia. I met with Mr. Garcia and again told our story, showed him all our communication, documents etc. Mr. Garcia acted as though he was going to help us, wasted our time for 30 min going over documents and emails and hearing the story that Mr. Wood had already told us only to state that the adjuster was wrong, we could not get the depreciation money and there was no way around it. He was sorry and hoped I had a good day. The complaint is that we did what we were told to do. Spend X amount of money and repair your home, be reimbursed the Depreciation value on the claim. We did not misunderstand what the company representative told us and asked for clarification on 3 seperate occasions and were told our understanding was correct. We spent the money based off those conversations only to be told at the end of the process "Nope we were wrong.Sorry." We feel mislead because I had several projects I could have done myself to save money but only spent the extra money because it made sense to spend it all and get a little back.

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