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Stacy's complaint:
November 10, 2012

Insurance Company: Standard Insurance Company
Coverage Type: Disability Insurance

  • Underwriting - Premium Too High
  • Underwriting - Refusal to Insure
  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response
  • PolicyHolder Service - Payment Not Credited
  • PolicyHolder Service - Denied Access to Services
  • PolicyHolder Service - Abusive Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement
  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Delays upon Delays
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Fraud
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations
  • Marketing & Sales - Misleading Advertising
  • Marketing & Sales - Misrepresentation
  • Marketing & Sales - High Pressure Tactics
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I have always purchased STD/LTD policy through an employer, and I did as well when I worked at SFC (Shoes for Crews, LLC). SFC offered STD/LTD policies post-tax, so deductions taken from my paycheck. I have been always purchased these policies, as backup in case I was in the situation of not be able to work for an extended period of time. SFC offered a STD/LTD policy from The Standard (Portland, OR), the policy itself of very expensive - I should have seen this warning sign. I had to go out for a lumbar fusion w/S1 nerve root decompression and support rods. I had been told recovery was anyway from three months to two years. So I went on FMLA using my vacation and sick pay. The corporation SFC is horrible to its employees about disabilites, illness and general overall care and safety. My recovery was going to be longer than the FMLA - so I decided to use the LTD. I asked SFC's HR dept for the STD/LTD paperwork as I wanted to file a claim, first I was told I could not (SFC is well known for violating employee civil rights, SFC has a lot of labor violations with DOL). I fought with SFC HR dept to file a claim, threatened to file complaint with DOL. So I was given the form to file a claim, if you went straight to The Standard for the claim, they would just re-route you back to the employer, vicious cycle. I filed a STD/LTD claim with The Standard, they initially paid the STD claim and then started paying on the LTD portion of the claim. Since I am considered an HCE (Highly Compensated Employee) - I maxed out the monthly amount for the policy, I made more than their highest claim offer. After about five months, The Standard finally called and stated they approved the LTD claim. So I started to receive a check monthly, but every month, I either receive requests for re-evaulation, physical capacity assessments, requests for financial information, literally the anal probe, this went on every month, then just about every day they would call and harass me. Heather Smith would call and harass about needing additional medical information, mind you they had ALL my medical records, but the constant daily harassment by Heather Smith of The Standard, just about broke me, I was depressed from all the harassment from Heather - I gun shy to answer the phone anymore, then Rebecca Miller of The Standard started calling and harassing me about my personal life, making judgement calls, belittling me, calling me name, said I was lying about my claim. I received a daily dose of The Standard's harassment by Rebecca Miller and Heather Smith, you might think, well do not answer the phone. Well in addition to the harassment and homophobic remarks, I was told that if I made myself inaccessible (i.e not answer the phone and receive the abuse) my benefits would be cutoff. So here is this corporation The Standard, and its abusive employees Rebecca Miller and Heather Smith - harassing and abusing me over the phone, then telling me if I did not answer the phone and accept the abuse, my benefits would be cutoff the next month. When I did file for a LTD claim, I was fired by Shoes for Crews, LLC for being disabled. Now I am on a disability claim with The Standard with their employees Rebecca Miller and Heather Smith abusing me verbally on a daily basis. To add insult to injury, Rebecca told me over the phone I was "faking" my injuries and recovery, so she started surveillance on me and everyone around me. The Standard's illegal surveillance actitity got pictures of many of my family and friends, who are now considering legal action for violation of their civil rights, as they were stalked as well. Based on the fabricated lies of The Standard's stalker - The Standard cancelled my claim. Let me hanging in the middle of another fusion surgery with out any finacial support after paying for their expensive policy. In addition, one aspect of their policy that they do NOT disclose to unassuming victims of their policy is that you have to file for SSA disability, then they deduct from the LTD benefit whatever you might get from SSA, not what you do get, what you might get. If you are denied SSA Disability, then The Standard will cancelled your LTD benefit. I was told by an attorney, that The Standard - Rebecca Miller will work to get you off claim and keep you off claim. Personally I hope Heather Smith and Rebecca Miller have an accident, break their backs in three places, drop anchor in a wheelchair and be treated just like they have treated me and many other poor souls that I presume that have die due to their escapades.

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