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Darlene's complaint:
September 20, 2012

Insurance Company: State Farm Insurance
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Underwriting - Cancellation
  • Underwriting - Nonreneweal
  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response

We got a sales call from a State Farm Agent and we decided to go with them we had not had any accidents in years, and there was only one ticket on my licenses and this ticket was for speeding the only ticket in my life. I was legally parked in a parking lot shopping and came out and my car had been hit, I contacted the store manager there was no cameras to my dismay. A couple months later my car was parked in my driveway and someone was breaking into cars, and my car was vandalized again not my fault. On both occasions I was assured by the agent my rates would not go up as both of these incidents were not my fault. I got a letter yesterday from the insurance company that they will not be renewing my insurance policy. This is wrong I ask why and and the agent did not understand themselves and even stated I see neither claim was a fault of your own. This is very upsetting as we had switched insurance companies after being with Allstate for years, and now I am being told my insurance rates can go up because we are being told that they are cancelling us. I am very disappointed in State Farm and feel they are only money hungrey and as long as you don't have a claim they will keep you but if you do and even if it is not your fault they will cancel you. My advise is even if you have never been in a accident never go with them as you never know when your luck may run out and you never know when something may happen and it is out of your control. I am very disappointed and hurt with this company.

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