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J's complaint:
August 09, 2012

Insurance Company: Progressive
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim

Been with Progressive for 15 years (autos, boat and umbrella policy). Submitted a claim in June 2012 for $2900 because one of my boat motors had been vandalized and I needed two heads replaced. They declined the claim even though the marina mechanics attributed the motor failure to the foreign particles in the engine. My crusader 350 engine only had 1080 hours on it and I was told it was normal "wear and tear" by the Progressive investigators who are obviously struggling to justify their existence within the company.

My port engine has the same hours and is fine (it did not have the same foreign object diet as the starboard).

So, in Progressive's infinite stupidity they denied my $2900 claim.

It gets better......I upped my deductable to $1000 last fall so that means Progressive would have only had a $1900 payout.

In addition, these "idiot" investigators interviewed two marina service managers and their mechanics, sent the bad engine heads for forenic analysis and came to my home on the river to look at the boat. This foolishness most likely evaporated the $1900 right there!

I was paying Progressive approximately $1800/year for auto, boat and umbrella and now I am paying them zero because I moved everything into another company called Encompass. Encompass is charging me $300/year less than progressive with all coverages being equal.

I also sent two emails (with my claim number) to progressive thinking that the people running the show might want to take a look at what was causing a 15 year customer to go elsewhere.

One was to the CEO ([email protected]) and the other was to the head of claims, [email protected] I received absolutely no response from either person.

Kind of says it all don't ya think?

In retrospect, I can't fault either one. I have been surrounded by both smart people and stupid people as a computer systems engineer and fully understand how corporate management can suffer from a similar blight.

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