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janet's complaint:
August 08, 2012

Insurance Company: Old Mutual
Coverage Type: Life Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement
  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • General - I feel abused by this company

the comp. is old american ins.com out of kansas city mo.
we paid the permiun in advance on april 27th 20012. and on june 28 we found a com. that would insure us both for more money and same premun. so we went with them. the agent contacked old home and told them we were going to concell. well in the mean time old home sent a letter to the effect that they wanted to see docomention on the other com. what they were offering. so i felt it was none of there business. so in return they keep taking out my preimun in july and in aug. they over draft my account and i had to pay a overdraft fee. and when i reserach to see what happen i had found out they were still taking the money out. we are on social sercitry and we just barley make it with our income. to have them keep taking our money for two months is unreal. when i called them on it they gave me cocken bull story that they said i was considering it. i ask them to send me back both pream which is 252.00 and some cents they said they felt that i did not derserve both premines so they are only going to sent back one month. i am writing this so it does not happen to other people i fell they took advanage of us old people. i paid the other com. 127.00 a month and inturn paid old home the same a month for two months which comes to for two policy is 254 a month and all together it is over 500.00 dollars for two policeys. they had my bank account and just keep helping them self to it like it was nothing. i try and keep track of every thingi spend i have to inorder to servive. my name is janet worrall 719 north franklin st. please do some thing so they won't take advange of more people. thank you. it is not old mutural. it is old american ins.

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