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Terry-Jane's complaint:
April 08, 2022

Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • Underwriting - Premium Too High
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Incompetent Employees
  • PolicyHolder Service - Denied Access to Services
  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Fraud
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Marketing & Sales - Misleading Advertising
  • General - I feel abused by this company

a. Name of Insurance Company: LIBERTY MUTUAL
b. Name of Insurance Agency: LIBERTY MUTUAL
c. Name of Agent, Adjuster, Appraiser:
First Name: SARAH Last Name: AMOS
Have you litigated your claim?: No
If you answered "Yes" what was the court's decision?:
Policy Number: H3725805359570 Certificate Number: Claim Number: 048914046-01
Date of Loss/Service: 03/18/2022 Date of Purchase: 04/02/2012 Date Of Cancellation:
Insured Age Group: 65+ Amount in Dispute: 22500
Type of Insurance: Home
Reason For Complaint: Other
Details Of Complaint: Water damage from bathroom sink while we were out of town. Neighbor checking
on property discovered it. We immediately called Serve pro and liberty mutual. Water ran under all the
hardwood floors. Liberty mutual denied claim because tit was surmised the water leak started more than
14 days prior to discovery. We told them we were away so that is the excuse used to deny. Had we not
mentioned being away that reason could not exist. We are allowed to take vacations and business trips
and still have coverage when not physically in the home.
This home is owned by myself (Terry Baumann) my husband (George) and my mother (Natalie
Martelle).This is Natalie's primary residence. Natalie is almost 90 so spends time with family and at her
home. We were all in Massachusetts when the damage happened. Natalie purchased the policy on her
own in 2012 (I believe). We pay the mortgage. Now that we have seen the policy we are very suspicious
of this company possibly taking advantage of a senior citizen, The policy is $3125 per year! This is not a
big home. One level, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, open dining, living room, eat in kitchen, one car garage .I now
have POA so am looking over my mothers contracts and finances. This policy is extremely over priced
and does not pay for water damage. We own other real estate and the policies are a quarter of this policy
for similar size homes. Our commercial property is not this high.
When we received the denial we were shocked. I called asked how to appeal the denial and was told
there is no way to appeal! This is such a fraudulent company, I cannot believe this well known company
gets away with this theft.
What do you consider to be a fair resolution?: Liberty Mutual needs to pay for the water mitigation done
by Serve Pro and the replacement floor. We have an estimate for replacement. The policy it self needs to
be reviewed for fraud and elder financial abuse.

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