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Richard's complaint:
July 20, 2020

Insurance Company: Erie Insurance Group
Coverage Type: Business Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • General - I feel abused by this company

Erie Insurance Group is a bunch of criminals and I pray to Almighty God that there be a specially designated place in the pit of Hell where these people will burn for eternity! I need to vent. I have no hope in this life of redemption or recompense or retribution as much as I want to do something violent to this company I am restrained by the hand of Almighty God who promises to make all things right in the end. God will avenge my injustice.

off my soapbox and onto the story of deception and sliminess.

The owner of Thomson Landscaping & Design was driving his big stand up lawn mower. He lost control of the lawn mower and it smashed (at an angle toward the drivers side back wheel) but into the back bumper of my car, a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander, parked in our driveway. I did not witness the accident, but I'm convinced from the damaged that it jacked my car up in the air and slammed it down at an angle.

Initially we thought there was damage only to the back bumper, as swiping tear as described by the Mr. Thomson. We then assumed that the damage was only to the bumper.

Thomson has business insurance through Erie Insurance Group. He was reluctant to involve the insurance company, but when he found out the cost to repair his destroyed mower and he told us to file a claim through Erie.

In the meantime we drove the car assuming it was only bumper damage. However as soon as we drove it there were new and ominous sounds coming from the rear of the car. My wife immediately called Erie Insurance agen assigned to our claim and told them that the bumper was probably not the only issue.

We agreed to take the car to an Erie certified repair location, Centerline Collision in Castle Shannon.

Erie paid for the bumper replacement, but the shop did not drive the car but only ran diagnostics on it. We have those diagnostic reports. There were a host of diagnostic issues and somehow by replacing the rear bumper they were able to clear all of the diagnostic errors. Really?? I drove the repaired car on the highway on the very day we got the car back. At highway speeds the sound was very loud, so loud that cranking up the radio volume to full blast could not mask the sound. I immediately called Centerline back. Their rep suggested I call a Mitsubishi dealer, South Park Mitsubishi. I did that and made an appointment for 06/23/2020. I called Erie to inform them.

The Erie Rep left my wife a return voice message saying that we were just hearing the wind! F him! The Mitsbushi dealer however diagnosed a faulty drivers side back wheel bearing! They could not say what caused the wheel bearing failure, but it was seriously in bad condition. How can you drive with that noise?, they asked.

I called our regular mechanic and they said that absolutely a power mower slamming into the inside back rear tire could cause such a bearing failure. So we called Erie back and they denied our claim and the Mitsubishi dealer diagnostic service which they would customarily pay for according to Centerline. We asked for a second opinion and asked to plead our case. Erie was not interested in our story but they did call back to say that the claim was reviewed by a supervisor who agreed that the additional claim damage should be denied.

There was nothing wrong with my car before this accident! The car was in excellent condition for a six year old car! But after the accident the sounds were so bad that we have to have it replaced?? This was clearly caused by the accident.

What would be fair is to have Erie pay South Park Mitsubishi $568.95 plus tax to replace the damaged wheel bearing that was caused by their insured business.

What would be just would be to have Erie pay a penalty of several millions of dollars to punish them for their unethical treatment. I don't want the money; I just want what is fair. You can give the penalty money to anyone you want, not me.

This is a case of the big insurance company man-handling a defenseless individual. Thomson Landscaping agreed to re-enact the accident in slow motion to show how this could have caused the additional problem. Erie refused to even accept pictures or video footage.

Why? Because they are criminals! I'm a senior citizen being taken advantage of by Erie Insurance Group. A just penalty ought to be incurred by them!

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