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Ricky's complaint:
November 09, 2019

Insurance Company: Progressive
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer

On a November 6 2019 I was passing a stop sign on 51st Winchester and a man on a bicycle comes out of nowhere from a alley speeding without stopping i even quickly moved to the other land to keep from hitting him and he still hit my car in the passenger side and center my door and side panel. I called progressive and they quickly placed my car in the shop and got me a rental. At the accident scene the driver of the bike said he was fine. He did not try to stop the bike at all. When I talked to the claims guy named Ryan he said according to Illinois law you have to yield to a bike rider or pedestrian. I did yield he came out of no where and didn t stop so because he is a pedestrian even though he damaged my car progressive is gonna pay for him to get a new bike and any medical bills he may have he says his shoulder hurts. So they are making me pay the $500 deductible and faulting me even though it shows he hit me from the passenger side and damaged my stuff and they didn't give me a option to contest it. It's not fair for a person on a bike to hit me without stopping damage my car and im paying for everything. my name is Ricky Foster

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