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Daniel's complaint:
January 01, 2017

Insurance Company: Zenith Insurance Company
Coverage Type: Commercial General Liability

  • PolicyHolder Service - Unfair Negotiation
  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Fraud
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • Claim Handling - Unjustified Accusations

I have told you about my claim about Turner Bros. Trucking & Zurich Insurance Company. And I never did hear anything back from you'll.

I was an o/o truck driver who had a lease Contract with this trucking co. and they were my Policyholder of my insurance I was paying on the job for over 4 yrs. This went back to July 28,2009 for an job-related injuries on the job. I was at work out on the road.

I had a stroke and end up in a hospital for 14 days and the trucking co. never reported my injury to the insurance co. at all. I was just told when I call from the hospital I need to file a claim for my benefits.

I was told when I call the job up to see if I could get my benefits ''NO'', because GOD cause my stroke and they don't pay for that. Because that fall under an ''ACT OF GOD''. they don't pay.

So after 14 days in the hospital I came home with any help ,so after maybe a week I had another stroke and had to go to another hospital for help and there I stay foe 3 days, because I didn't have any money to pay for my med.

I call the job back up in Sept. 2009 and told them if nothing is going to be done I will file a Lawsuit, because I had paid for this coverage to cover me on the job and it only work if I was under a Dispatcher and I was at the time.

So the job set me up with a insurance co. which wasn't the one I had paid. This was an outside company. I file my first claim with them in Sept 2009, and after 10 days I was call back up and told they had bad news for me the job don't want to pay you.at all.

In less then a week I got a denial letter, telling me from this outside insurance co. saying the job told them I didn't suffer any injuries and nor did I suffer any Illness on the job. So what they was doing was make show I wasn't getting any help from any body, by Lying.

So this same outside insurance co. closed my claim and no benefits were paid out. And no atty. would take my claim , because of my stroke.

Now in Jan of 2012 I found an Non- Profit Corp. to help me out and in about July 2012 the claim was reopen back up and they worked the claim and an offer was made in 2013 of what was in my policy which all the were going to pay and that was the 104 weeks at $500.00 and the 52 weeks of MED. this was all they were going to pay.

Now this is about a yr. later. I said take it to the power of atty. I had on the case. and a few weeks went by and my atty. was called back up by the insurance co. and was told that the job said I didn't work that day of 7/28/2009 I was off that day, so my atty. told my the insurance gave me 60 days to show my proof I was on the job or the case is closed for good. So I show my proof in about AUG. 8,2013 .

This was by mail and fax. Well my atty. call me back up in a few days and ask me did I send in my proof and I said I did and I was asked where was her proof and copy at. I told her you already had it from day one.

Well she got up set and we had words and she got off my case on about the 18 of AUG. I then sent Zurich Ins. a Email to let them know my power of atty. is off of my case and to sent me everything from now on.

From that Email I sent in I never did here back any more from them. Now it Jan. 2014 and I sent another Email asking about my money and someone else is telling me my claim is closed. But I never did get any thing by mail sent to me or was it sent by Email.

This is why I was asking you can this be done and nothing done about it. So as of July of last yr. we as the insurance co. is still at it, they want me to just go away. But I just can't. I want what is mine.

So are you going to answer me back? I see you don't have Zurich Insurance on your page.

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