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Lori's complaint:
July 17, 2012

Insurance Company: Cigna
Coverage Type: Disability Insurance

  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Denial of Claim
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I am a workalcholic..I work in a auto factory and have had previous back issues and last july 2011 i put my back out, lower lumbar and chronic brusitus and pinched siotic nerve in my right leg, i continued working but went to therapy afterwork and to the chiropractor and my family physian, all reccomended i take off work to heal, so after a few weeks the pain became unbearable and i couldnt do my daily functions anymore (showering, getting dressed, sitting, standing, cleaning, etc..) so i then decided to take their advice and do the physical therapy and see the chiropractor til i get better and i can go back to work with limited pain...short term disability paid me very little but it was enough to cover my co-pays barely, so every week i was hasseling with CIGNA and sending doc reports and now even though i still have pain and cant stand for very long and physical therapy has done what they can and supplied me with a tens unit for home use and now im waiting to see a specialist to consult on my back issue, CIGNA has denied my claim and will not help me out with short term diability. i am still going to therapy but because i was released (therapist couldnt do no more for me) they said i was able to go back to work, even though i cant lift, bend, sit or stand, or walk steps..they said i was considered "normal" and able to work..can you imagine that? i am still waiting for the specialist to call me with an appt, my dr is furious, i am not able to work and they denied my claim...what a messed up company, and they have reports from eveyone i have seen..the stress from this company has definately delayed my healing. I think anyone who has had issues with them should stand up and report them, maybe then....something will change. and my customer service rep..Kristi K..is rude and acts like she is god and is able to control who and when someone gets assistance. thanks for letting me vent, but it is very frustrating that this company will take your money but when you need help, Run and act like they are in control over you.
sincerely. Lori Porter..Roscommon, Michigan

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