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Jason's complaint:
December 30, 2015

Insurance Company: Farmers Insurance Group
Coverage Type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster

I am with Farm Bureau. I had an accident. I hit two deer five miles apart. With talking to the adjuster I told him what happen. He told me it was 2 deductibles because it was two separate accidents. I asked if that was right since I was being honest of what happened. The adjuster asked me if I wanted fixed or not in the most rudest way. He was the most unpleasant adjuster I have ever dealt with. Plus his office is 275 miles away. The fact that he was rude and belittled me during the conversation has made me decide to change companies. The customer service in the adjusters area is the worst I have ever seen and I have heard from others complaints like this. I talked with the adjusters manager and she told me that there is nothing they will do about his behavior. I hope this helps others from making a mistake. My agent is nice and tries to help but he didn't help with the adjuster at all.

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