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PRAVINA's complaint:
December 21, 2015

Insurance Company: Transamerica Corporation
Coverage Type: Travel Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Delays/No Response

Pravina S Chohan
3928 Edinbrrook Ter N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
November 7th 2015
Claims Administration Office
for Transamerica Casualty
Travelex Claims
4600 Witmer Industrial Estates
Suite 6
Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Dear Sirs,
Please find attached Baggage Claim Form for Family trip to India with All relevant documents to support.

Since we went as a Family with 3 total members, you will find names of my husband, Sunil R Chohan and my Son,Hiren S Chohan to avoid confusion.

We were booked to fly to Mumbai, India but to due delay in Minneapolis, our connecting flight to Mumbai was missed at Newark,NJ but Delta offered a flight to New Delhi, India which we boarded since our connecting domestic flights would be missed.

Delta kiosk at Newark,NJ promised that we would receive our luggage in New Delhi which it turned out not the case. We filed a report to Delta desk at New Delhi and when we reached Mumbai we approached Air India desk since that was that Airline we had flown from New Delhi to Mumbai.

Claims office in Mumbai Airport took our claims report from United Airline from New Delhi and gave us their report with phone numbers to contact should we find necessary. Copy of this is attached for your view. The Mumbai claims office supported us to the end till luggage was received.

One bag containing my husbands and son clothes was delivered on Wednesday,13th October,4 days after our arrival. The 2 bags containing my clothes were delivered to our designated safe home on 20th October in Satara, Maharashtra, 10 days later.

We had no clothes from day one except for clothes we had on our body as traveled with and thus had to go and purchase new ones and bills in local language,Gujarati are attached.

All the luggage, total of 3 pcs has been damaged as shown with photos with duct tape to prevent bags from breaking up.


Pravina Chohan

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