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Kevin's complaint:
December 14, 2015

Insurance Company: MetLife
Coverage Type: Life Insurance

  • Underwriting - Premium Too High
  • General - I feel abused by this company

I have had 2 group life insurance policies, one on myself(just turned 50 years old)and one on my wife(just turned 55 years old) which I continued to carry after I had left Eastman Kodak Company.
Metlife decided on the newest Aging, Salary & Rate update that they were going to raise my monthly insurance premiums from $45.58/month to an outrageous $85.99/month, an 89% rate increase. My wife's premiums went from $34.40/month to $56.00/month, also an outrageous increase of 63%. Believe it or not Metlife has also added administrative fees to both policies each of $2.00 per month. Talk about trying to bleed people dry! How do they think that people can afford this?
I cannot believe that this insurance company has imposed these huge rates on individuals and am very unhappy with them at this point. They are ridiculous with these increases and are going to lose good customers because of it.
There is no negotiation on these rates either. The only way that you can have lower rates is to drop off some of your coverage. Why is the customer the one that always has to give something up?
Metlife's profit margins must not be high enough.............

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