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Evelyn's complaint:
December 14, 2015

Insurance Company:
Coverage Type: Liability Insurance

  • PolicyHolder Service - Abusive Service
  • PolicyHolder Service - Inadequate Reimbursement
  • Claim Handling - Rude/Abusive Adjuster
  • Claim Handling - Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer
  • Claim Handling - Fraud

Around 10/28/15, I was contacted by Mr. Carlos Marshall, AMIM, Senior Claims Representative of One Overton Park-3625 Cumberland Boulevard, Suite C100, Atlanta, Georgia 30339. He was very rude from the beginning of our relationship. His client Harbor Lights Yacht Company had me wait for 4 months to give me their insurance information. That I was supposed to be given to me immediately.I was injured very badly from a fall due to poorly lit lighting conditions around the stairs,my inability to see anything in front of me & their shaky & unstable handrails.This occurred on 7/21/15 10pm

On 7/22/15, a day after the accident, I contacted Mr. Woodley to inform him of my accident. He said that he & his wife were sorry & that,, they'd have the area fixed. I have several disabilities and pointed them out to Harbor Lights. I received call on 10/08/15 from Mr.Woodley" He finally revealed that he was one of the owners.Alex Suazo was his partner. Woodley screamed and yelled at me stating my being disabled would not get me much of anything, that I removed the rope blocking the area off and that I had no witnesses.

Mr. Woodley also said that he fixed the area where I fell! I told him that I was in a lot of pain & he said "so what". I tried to file a bodily injury claim. I was supposed to disappear. So, I was ignored and totally disrespected; acts that Mr. Carlos Marshall continues to do and ridicules me. He is holding my bills, refuses to send me letters stating what I need to get paid. He said, "I am not mailing you any letters. About additional items supposedly needed to complete my claim, nor would he send me any letter stating that I was not entitled to pain and suffering compensation. I was rudely mocked again.

It hurts very much when you are telling the truth & reveal your disability information. The Harbor Lights Yacht Company began this nightmare. I have worked in many companies for over 20+years & I have never heard of anyone who refused to write a letter to cover their requests. I looked online to see if Carlos Marshall or International Marine Underwriters or Beacon were even registered in Atlanta Georgia or found anywhere. His company wasn't even found on your website. It's against the law to discriminate against anyone & persons with disabilities are especially vulnerable.

Mr. Carlos Marshall is just as guilty as his clients once he noticed or should have noticed that his client, Harbor Lights owners refused to follow protocol. Woodley was supposed to file mandatory injury reports with NYPD, NYS' Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical & the Coast Guards.I have since notified the proper parties all about the accident & my injuries on my own. So far, I suffer from a post concussion headaches,burning pain on my right side, inability to walk far or leave my neighborhood. My quality of life has dimmished so badly that I am unable to enjoy my holidays.

However, Mr. Marshal has decided to hold up my reimbursements, assuming once again that I will disappear after 6 months of waiting. I feel that due to Mr. Marshall's continued refusal, arrogance & disgust clearly illustrates to me, that he is using illegal, deceptive & fraudulent acts with Mr. Woodley & Alex Suazo. I always give people the benefit of the doubt until I am discriminated, abused & retaliated against because I know my rights. I also decided that after feeling guilty & experienced,

I have a responsibility to show Harbor Lights owners & Mr. Carlos Marshall, that persons with disabilities have rights & there are many statutes to protect us. At last count Harbor Lights Yachts & Mr. Marshall have already violated 18. I want other persons with disabilities to see that we have a right to speak up. ADA Title III is a great example of Marshall's & his clients lack of respect the law, the violations connected & continued disrespect of persons with disabilities.

Carlos Marshall is just as guilty as the owners of Harbor Lights Yacht Company. These actions are illegal, abusive & acts of fraud. I would really appreciate any information you can provide me with & I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you so much in advance for your time, cooperation & consideration. All are most appreciated.

Have a wonderful day.


Evelyn Graham

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